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Theater Companies

Tohubohu Extreme Theatre! 

Rachel Rosenthal Company 2004 - present day

Yes And… - 2007- 2010

Fauve Conspiracy - 2005 - 2007

The Invisible Theater”

(Men’s Theater for Men) - 1999 - 2007


(Camille Maurine’s Moving Theater) - 1999 - 2007

Performances & Productions


“Tohubohu! Extreme Theatre” - Improv Monthly productions


“Tohubohu! Extreme Theatre” - Improv Monthly productions


“Big Brother Hamlet” - Fredrick Loewe Theatre, Redlands - March & April 2017 

“Big Brother Hamlet” - Edinburgh Festival Fringe - August 2017

“Tohubohu! Extreme Theatre” - Improv Monthly productions


“Tohubohu! Extreme Theatre” - Improv Monthly productions


“The Longest Winter” Rachel Rosenthal company.

“Tohubohu! Extreme Theatre” - Improv Monthly productions 


“Planet Queer: Night of the Puppets!” (A Birdie Told Me), Akbar, Aug 19

“Iceland” - Opera Overtone Industries, REDCAT Theater, July 

“Tohubohu! Extreme Theatre” - Improv Monthly productions


“Homo-Harvest: Gayratitude” - Spirit Studio, Silverlake

"SHIFT" production with Johannas Giordonni's Installation - NYE+BROWN GALLERY

“Nora & I” (Reworking of Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House”) - Theatre Royal Winchester, UK

“Gay May Days” (Soft Man) - Spirit Studios, Silverlake, May 3-5

“Tohubohu! Extreme Theatre” - Improv Monthly productions


“Somnambulae: Sleepwalkers” (Sweet Shop) Fall 10 Week - Espace DbD Theater, Oct.

“Internal Bleeding” (Memory is a Strange Thing, Male Order Bride, Split) Spring 10 Week Espace DbD Theater, April

“The Penis Monologues” So Cal Solos: Performance Identities - U of R, Jan.

“Tohubohu! Extreme Theatre” - Improv Monthly productions


“George Herms & Tohubohu! Extreme Theater” Rosenthal Theatre, June

“The Oedipus Project” Fredrick Loewe Theatre, Redlands, May

“Time, Space, Universe” (2 Be or Not 2 Be) (Dating Game in Tap) - Espace DbD Theater, Feb-Mar

“Tohubohu! Extreme Theatre” - Improv Monthly productions


“Amuse-Bouche” - Improv April, May, June - Espace Dbd, Los Angeles.

“Une Semaine de Bonte: Water, Fire, Blood” (Dive #1,2,3) May - Espace Dbd Theater


“OUT of the BOX” - Yes-And Productions, Nov., The Attic Theater, L.A.

“Terra Incognita” (Clown Kings) Direction Rachel Rosenthal - Espace DbD Theater, Aug


“Alchemy Between Men” (Softman, Unicorn #1,2,3) - Invisible Theater #10, Nature Friends, Sierra Madre, Sept
“Tiny Boxes” - Max 10, Electric Lodge, Venice Beach, Feb.


“Getting Gaily Psychological This Solstice!” - Highways Performance Space, Dec. “Arboretum” (Weeping Willow, Topiary: The Tree Elite) - Artistic Direction Rachel     Rosenthal, Highways Performance Space, Dec.

“Men: Their Dreams and Desires” (Zig Zag Man , Sandman Top) - Invisible Theater # 9,    Sierra Madre, Sept.

“Timeless” (Catnip Pig, Art Angel) - Rachel Rosenthal Studio, Los Angeles, May
"No Stranger" - CoMMiT, Continuum, Santa Monica, CA. May


"Holiday Spirits" - CoMMiT, Continuum, Sant Monica, CA. Dec. 

“Hero’s Journey” - (Sal Mander) - Invisible Theater #8, Nature Friends, Sierra Madre


“Men and the Animal Spirits Within Them” (Raven and Whale), Invisible Theater #7, Sept

2003 “Once Upon a Time…. Fairy Tales, Retouched” (3 Little Pigs) - Invisible Theater #6, Sept


“The Penis Monologues” - The little Red Box, Seattle, Oct.

“The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac” (Scorpio: The Penis Monologues) - Invisible Theater #5,   Sierra Madre, Sept

"Open Secrets”~ Improvisations on the Light and Shadow of Love - Summer


“A Journey Through the Tarot ”(Wheel of Fortune) - Invisible Theater #4, Sierra Madre, Sept

"Naked Moment" - Wild and tender musings on life, the universe, and everything. July


“Perturbations” - CoMMiT, Santa Monica, May, June


“Love, Death, Power” - CoMMiT, Santa Monica, Feb

Collected Articles and Publications

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Fabrik “Commentary: Fall Performance and the Art of Conversation”, Jacki Apple, 10/14/2015

2014 Stage and Cinema (.com) “Los Angeles Theater Preview: Instant Fairy Tales: The Longest Winter (Rachel Rosenthal Company), Expect the Unexpected” Tom Chaits, January 21, 2014 

“Overtone Industries Presents Iceland at the Redcat’s Now Festival 2014

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