Mandorla Series

The study of repeating geometric patterns found in nature is called Sacred Geometry. One of the foundational shapes formed when two circles intersect is referred to as the Mandorla, an Italian word meaning Almond. This simple intersection becomes more elaborate as the intersections multiply, creating shapes one sees in nature. The Hexagonal shape, a basic building block of the bee hive, or the spiraling growth patterns of petals of flowers and nautilus shells are just a few natural examples of the underlying patterns of sacred geometry found in life. 

If one doesn't like the words Sacred, a more logical word could be used, Efficiency. When referring to circles we are often speaking about spheres. When a substance is suspended, like a water droplet or a bubble, nature takes the path of least resistance and surface tension, and creates a sphere. When a bunch of bubbles are brought together on a plane the 6 sided shape is the most efficient for a limited amount of space. This is why we see this shape all over the world.

In this series of paintings I slowly build the surface with circles allowing them to influencing each other until an overall pattern reveals itself. Each piece, in a sense, becomes its own creation story, unfolding similarly yet manifesting in a different way each time. Enjoy the journey.