I-Candy Pieces

Welcome to the I-Candy series. Saturated with sweetness, layered with goopy additives, designed to attract and leave you with wanting more. When I started to work on this series of paintings they seemed so far out in left field from my other works that I took on a persona “Candy” to dive head first into the sugar coated unknown. 

Candy loves bright and happy things, filled with excitement and play. Like a game board the paintings guide the eye along the checker-board surface, with many unexpected turns and encounters. The building blocks are predominately 4 sided shapes held together like a precarious house of cards. 

They could remain abstract to the viewer or be used like a Rorschach test to find hidden meaning. Candy may need a little psychological help, but for now she is having way too much fun playing with the sweetness of luscious color. 

In retrospect, these works have a visual relationship with my Frosting Art Series from decades past. It is reassuring that pieces from an earlier series can speak to something so current in my Artistic Portfolio. Enjoy.

Frosting Art