Art Biography and Articles

Fine Art Shows 1989 - 2019


West Hollywood Library Gallery "Journey of the Bearded Tarot" West Hollywood, Oct 25 - Jan 14


The pARTy Gallery "Looking for Answers" Los Angeles, Oct 21


Hammer Museum “Tony Green: Amid a Voluptuous Calm” Made in L.A. 2014


Gold Bug “Men Rrrr Dogs” Pasadena 


McGinty’s Gallery at the End of the World “Artbender Group Show” Altadena


Pepper’s Art Galley “Alumni Show” University of Redlands


Theosophical University Art Gallery, “ U& I: A taste of the Transcendent”, Altadena, Jan. 8 – Mar. 5


Armory Center, “ In the Polka Dot Kitchen”, Pasadena, Oct 10 - Dec 31

Otis Gallery, “ In the Polka Dot Kitchen”, Los Angeles, Oct. 3 - Nov 21

The Brewery Project, “Reverb: an investigation of music and art”, Los Angeles,   Feb. 8 - Mar. 6

CoCA ( Center on Contemporary Art ), “LA Pop in the Nineties, or how I stopped worrying and learned to love The Bomb”, Seattle, Feb 6- April 4


Random Gallery, “In the Pocket 3”, Highland Park, Dec.6- Jan 17

Chateau Marmont; “GICAFLA”, , West Hollywood, Dec.5-7

Rio Hondo College Art Gallery, “Tasty”, Whittier, Nov. 3 - Dec. 4

Miller Fine Art, “99 Dollar Show”, West Los Angeles, June 28 - July 26

“Theosophical Society, American Section Web Page”, June 

Post, “Meta- “ solo show, L. A., May 31 - June 28

Miller Fine Art, “SWEET”, West Los Angeles, Mar 1-29


Huntington Beach Art Center, “ Centered on the Center”, Huntington Beach, Dec. 7 - Feb. 2 

LACE, “True Bliss”, Hollywood, Dec. 5 - Jan 26

Mendenhall Art Gallery, “littlebigart”, Whittier, Oct 14- Nov. 29

Post, “100 Dollar Show”, L.A., Aug. 2 - 31

Wedge Gallery , “Chalk ” , L.A., June 1- Aug. 5

American Section Theosophic LINK, “The Scarab” Vol. 8, No. 2, Summer


Mendenhall Gallery, “House of Wax”, Whittier College, Out 30 - Nov. 12

California Medical Arts Group, “Flirting Boundary”, Santa Monica, June 5- 

Aug. 5

 Santa Monica Museum of Art, “Art Auction”, Santa Monica, June 15

 Jan Baum Gallery, “FeLiCitY”, Los Angeles, Mar. 31 - May 5

Southern Exposure, “Lo- Cal”, San Francisco, Mar. 17 - Apr. 15


Tri Gallery, “House of Style(s)”, Hollywood, Dec. 8- Jan.15

Santa Monica Museum of Art, “The Layered Look, LAX”, Santa Monica, Nov.    17- Jan 15

Cerritos College, “FLOW”, Norwalk, Nov. 1-23

The Bradbury Building, “The Green Show”, Los Angeles, July 16- Aug. 20

Tri, “Summer Show”, Hollywood, July

L.A.C.E. 15th Anniversary Hollywood Opening, Hollywood, June 10

Artist’s Space “20th Anniversary 1973 - 1993”, New York, Jan. 20 - Mar. 13


“The Momentary Contemporary”, Los Angeles, Dec. 1-12

Tri Gallery, “TRIDECA” (solo show), Los Angeles, Nov. 6 -DEC 18

Food House, “Germinal Notations”, Santa Monica, Nov. 10 - 27

Contemporary Arts Collective, “Loose Slots”, Las Vegas, Oct. 15 - Nov. 20

Broadway Gallery Complex, "Mondo Lot”, Santa Monica, Sept. 18

Phoenix Art Museum, “Contemporary Identities: 23 Artists, the 1993 Phoenix    Triennial”, Phoenix, Aug. 21- Oct 10 

AIR DE PARIS, “Futura Book Collection”, Nice, France, July -

1993 Food House, “Thank You”, Santa Monica, June 9 - 26

8000 Sunset, “OUT Auction 93”, West Hollywood, June 12-17

“FOOD HOUSE visits the Art Store Gallery”, Santa Monica, May 11- June 5

West Gallery, The Claremont Graduate School, “Mmmmmmmmmmmm

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” ( Solo Show), Claremont, Feb. 22- 24


F A R Bazaar; L.A. Alternative Fair. “In The John”, Los Angeles, Dec. 3- 20

Shoshana Wayne Gallery, “Very Very Very”, Santa Monica, Sept. 11- Oct. 11

Daniel Buchholz, “Tattoo Collection”, Cologne, Sept. 4- Oct. 10

Max Hetzler Gallery, Group Show, Cologne, July 3

Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Group Show, Santa Monica, June 13 - Sept. 12

Air De Paris & Urbi Et Orbi, “Tattoo Collection”, Paris, June 3 - July 18


“Art under 30, FIAR INTERNATIONAL PRIZE”, Traveling show, Milan,    Madrid, Paris, N. Y., L. A., Dec 91- Dec. 92

I. C. I. “From Media to Metaphor: Art About AIDS”, traveling show, Dec. 91-   Dec. 93

L.A. Convention Center, “Window on L.A.”, L.A., Nov. 20-24

Mark Richards Gallery, “__ __ __ __ __ “, Santa Monica, July 20- Sept 21


The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, “BODY”, Chicago, 

March 10


Richard Kuhlenschmidt Gallery, “LOADED”, Santa Monica, July 8 - Aug. 19

L.A.C.E., “Against Nature”, L.A., curated by Dennis Cooper and Richard

Hawkins, Jan. 6 - Feb. 12

Art Center/ Downtown, Solo Masters Exhibition, Mar. 17, 8

Collected Art Articles and Publications


Park LaBrea News - Beverly Press "WeHo Library features ‘Bearded Tarot’ exhibit" Oct 31


Hammer Museum “Tony Green: Amid a Voluptuous Calm” Made in L.A. 2014


“Made in L.A. 2014” Catalogue, Hammer Museum, DelMonico Books


“The Making of Yes” cover of catalogue, Geffen Contemporary, 2013


“FOODCULTURE: Tasting Identities and Geographies in Art” ediited by Barbara Fischer, YYZ Books Toronto Canada, 1999


“In The Polka Dot Kitchen” Catalogue, Pasadena Art Alliance, 98

Parachute, “Reveries, Assaults & Evaporating Presence’s; Olfactory Dimensions   in Contemporary Art.”, Jim Drobnick, Winter (Jan-Mar) 98


KXLU, Phyllis Green interview with Doug Hammett, 7pm. June 8

“Love at the End of the Tunnel, or the Beginning of a Smart New Day”    Catalogue, Smart Art Press, 97

Art week, “True Bliss”, Richard Smith, Feb, 97

Daily News , L.A. “A Blissful place at LACE”, Reed Johnston, Jan 10


L.A. Weekly, “True Bliss at LACE” , Lisa Ann Auerbach, Dec27- Jan 1, 96

Los Angeles Times, “Can artist run their own spaces and find true Bliss”,    Christopher Knight, Dec. 27, 96 

TRUE BLISS catalogue, “Neutral Grounds/ Fertile Territory: A History of Bliss”,   Julie Joyce, “After-School Special: Bliss”, David A.Greene., 96


Pasadena Star News, “Artist Uses Wax as Medium in Display at Whittier College” Michael Easterbrook, Nov. 16, 95

Whittier Daily News, “Artist uses Sealing Wax in Whittier College Display”,   Michael Easterbrook, Nov. 9, 1995, pg.A3

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Coagula, “LA Review: Felicity at Jan Baum” Betty Ann Brown, Issue #17 95,

pg 44

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Arizona Daily Star, “Tough, Brave, But Too Familiar”, Robert S. Cauthorn, 

Sept 24, 93

The Current, “But is it Art ?”, Barbara Hasan, Sept.

PHX Downtown, “Contemporary Identities”, Cynthia K. Lukas

Art, “Amazing Arizona; Shock Art at the Pheonix Art Museum”, Dave LaSpaluto,   Sept.

“Contemporary Identities: Pheonix Triennial” Catalogue, Phoenix Art Museum 93


Sculpture, “Cravings: Food Into Sculpture”, Jude Schwedenwien, Nov.- Dec., 92

“From Media to Metaphor: Art About Aids” Catalogue, Independent Curators   Incorporated, New York


FAIR INTERNATIONAL PRIZE Catalogue, Los Angeles section, by Marc    Selwyn

Art L.A. 91 Catalogue, “Window on L.A.”, David Pagel

Art Issues., “ History as Fiction, The Lick of the Eye, Presenting Rearwards”,   Terry R. Myers, Nov.- Dec., 91 

Art Magazine, “L.A. In Review”, Susan Kandel, Nov., 91

New Art Examiner, “... And The Object Is The Body”, Kathryn Hixon, Oct.,91

Reader, “Art Facts: Getting in touch with the body”, Bill Starnets, April 5, 91

Chicago Tribune, “Our Bodies, Our Cells”, Alan G. Artner, March 31, 91

“The Body” Catalogue,The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago 91


Arts Magazine, “Loaded”, Susan Kandel, Nov. 89

Art Issues, “Who’s Nature”, Fred Fehlau, May, 89

Art Week, “After Modernism, After Aids, Against Nature”, Feb.4, 89   Los Angeles Herald Examiner, “Transforming our view of the Aids experience”,   by Christopher Knight, Jan. 15, 89

Daily News, Critics Choice, “Aids and Art”, Daryl H. Miller, Jan. 13, 89

L.A. Weekly, “Nature Morte”, Jan Breslauer, Jan 20, 89


“Against Nature: A Group Show by Homosexual Men” Catalogue, Curated by   Dennis Cooper and Richard Hawkins, LACE, 1988